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Hello! I don't like bios and I'm not a writer but I want to introduce myself. 

My name is Linda Strawberry and I am a Producer, Director, Editor, Colorist, VFX and Graphic Artist.  

I work to execute technically beautiful and artistically stunning work, with an attention to detail. 

From breaking down budgets, storyboarding, pitching, producing, filming, to working with costume/makeup designers, production and set design, to  illustrating, editing, color grading, and VFX - I enjoy the entire process. 

I work with a strong roster of talented film crew members, VFX artists, animators and editors that I have curated through my production company The Strawberry Machine - the engine of everything I do. I am constantly inspired by the brilliant creatives that surround me. 

The first time I had the opportunity to work on a live show I was entranced. It is absolutely my favourite thing to create visuals for live shows and events. I have been very blessed to work with some incredible artists including Smashing Pumpkins, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Deftones, Kat Von D, Maxwell, Dorothy, and AFI. 

I'm excited for future projects and creations! Don't hesitate to reach out!